Dumper Hire in Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire

Dumper Hire rates shown relate solely to the hire of plant and are non-operated rates. They do not include fuel supplied with the Plant or transport to and from site.

Dumper Hire Rates are for a maximum of 8 hours per day/40 hours per week, Monday to Friday. Additional use will be charged pro rata.

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Tracked dumper

Wheeled Dumper Hire

Machine Width (mm) Height (mm) Max Capacity 1day 2day 3day Week
Lifton 750 Skiploader 1300 1950* 0.75 Ton £60 £100 £150 £150
Lifton 850 Skiploader 1200 2600* 0.85 Ton £60 £100 £150 £150
Thwaites Skiploader 1200 2600* 1.0 Ton £60 £100 £150 £150
Lifton 1001 Skiploader 1200 2600* 1.0 Ton £60 £100 £150 £150
Thwaites 4000 1780 2780 2.0 Ton £55 £80 £85 £110
Thwaites 6000 1920 2800 2.5 Ton £55 £80 £90 £100
Thwaites 7000 2000 2900 3.0 Ton £60 £90 £110 £120
Terex 3000 1960 2000 3.0 Ton £65 £95 £115 £125
Thwaites 7000 Swivel 1840 3140* 3.0 Ton £75 £100 £130 £145
Thwaites 5TD 2220 2950 5.0 Ton £75 £115 £165 £175
Benford 5TD 2250 2850 5.0 Ton £75 £115 £165 £175
Terex PT6 Swivel 2300 3160* 6.0 Ton £95 £125 £170 £190

* Height is with ROP up

Tracked Dumpers for Hire

When the going gets tough they go where others fear to tread. Beat the British weather and hire a Tracked Dumper from the outset and allow work to continue in adverse conditions.

  • Ideal for muddy, boggy and uneven sites
  • Travels on steep inclines where a wheeled vehicle would spin out
  • Smooth running with heavy loads
  • Low ground pressure with ultra light footprint for minimum ground damage


Suitable for a wide variety of all terrain work including:

  • Environmentally sensitive sites
  • River/Canal work
  • Woodland and Forestry
  • Housing Developments
  • Utility/Pipeline
  • Railway tracks and embankments
  • Golf Courses
  • Landfill
  • Dredging of Ponds and Lakes

Tracked Dumper

Our fleet ranges from 1.5 ton to 6 ton and includes Hitachi and Morooka machines. 

Machine Width (mm) Height (mm) Max Capacity 1day 2day 3day Week
Messersi Tracked Barrow 800 - 0.5 Ton £55 £100 £130 £150
Messersi TCH 1500 1080 2180 1.5 Ton £100 £150 £200 £250
Yamaguchi 1600 1260 2230 1.6 Ton £100 £150 £200 £250
Yanmar C30R 1680 2500 3.0 Ton £135 £225 £300 £350
Morooka MST300 1680 2300 3.0 Ton £135 £225 £270 £350
Morooka MST300 Swivel 1680 2300 3.0 Ton £135 £225 £270 £350
Morooka MST800 2600 2380 6.0 Ton £180 £350 £500 £675
IHI IC45 2660 2380 6.0 Ton £180 £350 £500 £675
Hitachi CG45 2500 2300 6.0 Ton £180 £350 £500 £675

wendover arm trust

Wendover Arm Trust

Why tracked dumpers are important to our project

Our organisation is a voluntary organisation involved in the restoration of the WENDOVER ARM of the GRAND UNION CANAL.

The Arm was built in 1794 and unfortunately abandoned in 1904. At that time the Arm was drained and became nothing more than a large dry ditch. This ditch became our only means of access for the purpose of getting plant to the work site, removing spoil and delivering materials

wendover arm trust

We have been working on the Arm since 1989 and use a considerable amount of mechanical plant. We started out using conventional wheeled dumpers which at the beginning were perfectly suitable for our needs.

However, after a while, the many journeys we had to make along the canal began to seriously damage the track and in times of wet weather made it impassable for wheeled vehicles. This meant that our project was in serious risk of having to be stopped until the weather improved and major repairs were carried out to the track. However this would only be a short term solution as the wheeled vehicles would again create the same problem when their use recommenced and the weather once again deteriorated.

The decision was therefore made to trial the use of tracked vehicles.

Although the plant is more costly it enabled the project to continue without pause whatever the weather and proved to be a great success, so much so that we have used tracked dumpers continuously for the past 8 years and very rarely use wheeled dumpers.

We find that the tracked dumpers provide the following advantages:

  • They do not sink into soft ground and create deep ruts as is the case with wheeled vehicles.
  • They are able to negotiate soft ground where wheeled vehicles would get stuck.
  • They have the effect of flattening the ground, especially when the ground is dry, thus creating a smooth track with no deep ruts.
  • Yes, the track does get very muddy, especially during periods of extreme wet weather, but the tracked dumpers have been able to cope with this and it has caused any delay in our work which would not have been the case if we had attempted to continue in the use of wheeled vehicles.
  • The bucket of the tracked dumpers may be not quite so versatile for tipping as those of a conventional wheeled swivel dumper but we have not found this to be a problem as there has always been ways to overcome this small disadvantage.
  • Having said that, we have found that the carrying ability of the tracked dumpers have been in many cases superior to that of the wheeled dumpers.

The use of tracked dumpers has been very important to the successful continuation of our work and has certainly proven that the decision to use tracked rather than wheeled vehicles was correct and has been fully justified.

If you would like to know more about the restoration of the Wendover Arm and the work of the Trust please visit our website at www.wendoverarmtrust.co.uk